Online Order System-The Operating Instruction of New Orders

The First Step: Member login, please input registration information! (Illustrations)

The Second Step: Click the “new orders” on the right side of the page(Instruction)!

The Third step: On the "New Order – First Step " page , click the drop-down box to select the products which you need to purchase, and then click "Next " ( Instruction )!

The Fourth Step: On "New Order -Second Step” page , view products images and introducing information , and then click" Next "!

The Fifth Step: On “New Order – Third Step” page , input the relevant order information , such as customer order number , quantity , some of the project will be automatically calculated, if you need to upload an attachment , please click "Add files” in the " Annex " project , once added , click on "Submit " ( Instruction)

The Sixth Step: Make sure the order information and business-related information , define that the information is correct, click "confirm and submit " to complete the orders submitting, if the order information is incorrect , click the "Return to amend” and re-enter !

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